Sheet Masks

For skincare junkies big on results but short on time or space, a sheet mask is the solution. THE ICONIC’s curated assortment of sheet masks has formulations to help firm, hydrate and restore, from leading local and international beauty brands.

What sets a sheet mask apart from other types of face masks? It’s all in the delivery of its ingredients. Unlike your usual cream, gel or clay masks, a sheet face mask is a sheet pre-soaked in skin-loving ingredients, with a lighter serum-style consistency that can penetrate and deliver benefits deeper into the skin. This unique format also makes it easier to sample highly potent skincare ingredients that may otherwise be out of your budget. By opting for a sheet mask instead of a product like a bottled serum, you can test out typically ‘more expensive’ skincare actives and ingredients without having to commit to a full bottle of product.

Sheet masks offer minimal mess with maximum results, thanks to their pre-soaked sheet design that can simply be layered over the skin’s surface and peeled off after the designated time is up. With no rinsing or scrubbing to worry about, sheet masks are a great way to wind down after a long day without the need to spend extra time cleaning up in the bathroom.

With leading brands like Aceology, L’Occitane and endota in tow, THE ICONIC Beauty is the ultimate online destination for all your sheet mask needs.

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