Considered - Men's

Believing in the power of the individual to precipitate change, at THE ICONIC we make it our business to promote sustainability in fashion at both a company-wide and customer level. We recognise the value our male customers place on shopping more sustainably-sourced and manufactured products, which is why Mens: Considered is a cultivated catalogue of men’s shoes, accessories and apparel with this principle in mind.

Elected on a product basis with a strict and specified list of credentials to be met, products tagged Considered are categorised by a brand’s use of Sustainable Materials, practice of Eco-Production and Fair Production, utilisation of Animal-Friendly processes and/or their participation in Community Engagement initiatives. Easy to navigate with credential-specific icons, our Mens: Considered edit helps in filtering sustainable attributes in order of personal and preferential importance.

With more and more brands joining in on the conversation surrounding sustainability, our Mens: Considered catalogue continues the diverse and immersive shopping experience that THE ICONIC has come to denote. Whether you’re shopping sportswear, lifestyle, premium, sleepwear, smart-casual or business attire, we guarantee that you’ll find a range of both popular and boutique brands advocating for sustainability within the fashion industry across the Mens: Considered mix.

With brands like Nudie Jeans, adidas Performance, Academy Brand, Polo Ralph Lauren and Assembly Label taking the reins of Sustainable Materials early on, you’ll find a heavily-stocked selection of organic cotton denim jeans, pure woven linen shirts, recycled polyester puffer jackets and polo shirts made from recycled plastic bottles.

For the male shopper invested in decreasing the level of individual impact on the environment, opting for brands that champion Eco-Production including R.M. Williams, Boody Organic Bamboo Eco Wear, Surrounded by Ghosts, Farage, Mcintyre and d+k is a simple yet worthwhile first step. Advocates for fair and decent working conditions should turn to brands accredited for their mediated high standards, noting in particular the trail-blazing outerwear brand Patagonia who have earned Fairtrade facility accreditation.

Our Mens: Considered curation also places great emphasis on the importance of calling out Animal-Friendly products for the benefit of our male customer. Combing through THE ICONIC for products associated with good animal welfare has never been easier with our extensive range of puffer vests and jackets made from Responsible Down Standard down; our vegan leather boots, oxfords, sneakers and backpacks; and our long sleeve tees, hoodies and beanies manufactured using non-mulesed wool.

As a company, we identify the notion of community as a core value of THE ICONIC and, as such, cherish our partnerships with like-minded and charity-oriented organisations. Giving back to the community through fashion is as straightforward as opting for brands such as WPN., Boody Organic Bamboo Eco Wear, Patagonia and Penfield who are committed to the donation of 1% or more of all profits to a charitable cause. Australian brand Outland Denim is just one of the many brands that operates as a not for profit enterprise with a social mission, dedicated to improving the lives of human sex-trafficking victims.

With many brands offering a diversified edit of more sustainable men’s shoes, accessories and apparel, THE ICONIC’s Mens: Considered is a trustworthy and transparent platform that distributes information and individual responsibilities back onto our consciously-driven male customers.