Morrison, was founded in Fremantle, Western Australia by a local trio—husband, Richard Poulson, wife, Kylie Rashford and Kelpie-Cross pup, Morrison. They opened their first store in 2002 with the philosophy of creating clothing out of luxurious natural fibers in beautiful silhouettes with lovely detailing.

From their humble beginnings, Morrison has grown into a highly respected fashion label in Australia, counting itself in over 100 retailers nationally. Kylie Rashford first designed a pair of pants which came to be known as the ‘good butt pants’, selling over 25,000 units. This resounding success started Kylie on the road to designing a new collection for every season, which she continues to do today. Now with over 70 staff and thirteen flagship stores, they have also launched an exclusive leather bag collection—Morrison continues going from strength to strength.

With a focus on the relaxed look, Morrison have fashioned themselves a style repertoire that includes collections of loose flowing blouses and dresses, light pullovers, leather jackets and their signature denim. Their colour palette has some tasteful breadth, using variations of soft pastel shades adding an ethereal look to their garments, and in other cases bolder hues which are both timeless and on-trend.

The range at THE ICONIC focuses on the smart casual to summer garment attire, with our collection including maxi dresses, sheer pullovers and other elegant items, and with a focus on the soft colour palette. These garments are both traditionally ageless, yet give off an aura of contemporary style.