Keepsake the Label

Introducing Keepsake the Label, a brand for young women who are always busy and believe a new outfit for every occasion is an essential. Taking inspiration from couture with a focus on wearability, the coveted brand brings luxe designs into your everyday lives and closets. With a flirtatious and feminine flavour, the outfits reflect that fun, sophisticated style which is being embodied by so many fashion forward young women right now. Keepsake the Label provides accessible, glamorous, edgy pieces that are bound to make a statement.

Keepsake the Label begun in 2011 and has always aimed to celebrate the fine art of dressing up. They take a directional approach to traditional evening-wear, instead choosing to celebrate the romance inherent in the entire process. Inspired by couture and the dramatic shapes and silhouettes of the big fashion houses, Keepsake the label offers trend-led aesthetics that intersect somewhere between sophistication and romance. Producing 12 collections annually, Keepsake pride themselves on quality fabrications, beautiful prints and unique silhouettes.

They describe the Keepsake woman as an individual who surrounds herself with beautiful things and is a go-getter, going after her dreams above all. She is effortlessly in the moment; an individual who excites others. This romantic energy with a deep feminine core is echoed throughout all of the Keepsake the Label pieces. The dreamy silhouettes of the dresses and reoccuring floral motifs are the backbone of their ever-developing collections.

At THE ICONIC, you can expect to find the silhouettes and patterns that Keepsake the Label is known for. We aim to stock a wide range of dresses, skirts and tops that all express the romance and whimsy inherent to the label.