Experience an all-encompassing approach to the olfactory realm with AYU’s mindfully-curated selection of perfume oils. Born in 2014 under balmy Indian skies, AYU designs scents with intention to elevate your individual universe.

For AYU, a sense of healing and renewal can be contained within the smallest of natural sources. Calling on ancient rituals that incorporate flowers, resins, pants and barks, AYU taps into a wealth of knowledge on traditional remedies to create bottled scents that echo the sacred practices of Ayurveda. Locally crafted by hand, each aromatic concoction is formulated to help balance body, mind and spirit.

AYU’s signature perfume oils transform the simple act of wearing perfume into a cathartic daily ritual, drawing on the Ayurvedic Doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha found within every individual wearer. Each sleek black bottle houses internationally-sourced ingredients that are distilled using traditional methods and infused with herbs and botanicals to uplift and enliven with every breath.

THE ICONIC stocks a carefully curated selection of AYU perfume oils, with notes of sage, musk, white oudh and rose speaking to every olfactory preference. With free and fast delivery to your door, experiencing the nourishing world of AYU has never been easier.