Eye & Eyebrow Makeup Brush

There is no denying that well-defined eyes possess the power to captivate and what better way to do so then by ensuring your eye shadow and brow product are applied immaculately? At THE ICONIC, we are committed to perfecting both the eyeshadow blend and the natural brow arch which is why we offer only the best brushes on the market. Whether you are looking to start with an all-purpose brush kit or have your heart set on customising your makeup bag one brush at a time, our collection couldn’t be more accommodating.

From British powerhouse Real Techniques, experience their diverse colour-coded range of Latex-free brushes which are revolutionising the means of coverage, precision and blending. If you desire a product a little closer to home, you cannot go past mystical Byron Bay-launched cosmetic label Eye of Horus. Famed for their ethos of sustainability, their collection of vegan-based brushes is all about giving back to mother nature. If you’re in search of soft, cruelty-free and vegan-certified bristles then Sydney’s own Inika Organic excels in delivering a harmonious blend.

No matter whether you are a makeup novice or an aficionado, select from THE ICONIC’s catalogue of individual brushes or brush rolls and make your perfectly framed and shadowed eyes pop.

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