For eco-friendly yoga mats that are as colourful as life itself, look to Sydney-based label Bowern. Launched in 2016 by young journalist-turned-entrepreneur Danielle Bowern, the brand creates seriously covetable mats that instantly enliven your daily practice.

Initially turning to yoga to cope with the stresses of her TV-presenting job, Bowern quickly discovered a passion that was unlocked by the vibrant colours and organic lines of the world around her. Her inspirations were brought to life through the soothing strokes of watercolour painting, and a new path was born.

As a brand, Bowern is dedicated to creating luxurious yoga mats that do no harm to the environment or the yogis who practise on them. Each mat is 100% biodegradable, made with recyclable rubber and a microfibre suede top that offers exceptional resilience and grip, even in hot yoga studios – the sweatier the practise, the greater the grip. The mats are free from latex, silicone, toxic glue, PVC and other nasties, ensuring your routine remains as authentic as you.

THE ICONIC’s curated range of Bowern yoga mats features colours, lines and shapes that speak to every style profile. Pops of colour, graphic lines and saturated shapes imbue each mat with fashionable appeal, without sacrificing the functionality you need for yoga, Pilates and general exercise classes. Browse our edit to find your new workout go-to.