Women's Curvy Lingerie

Just because you weigh beyond the standard sizes doesn’t mean you have to compromise with intimate apparel! Welcome to THE ICONIC, we bring a curated collection of curvy lingerie, selected by top style experts from brands like Sonsee, Cake Maternity, Calvin Klein, Ava & Audrey, and more!

Tips for shopping for curvy lingerie
Lingerie is all about the fit, and when it comes to plus-sized women, this is even more important. While the style and design do matter, we strongly recommend that you check for curvy lingerie from top brands and of the right size. As for the styles, there is just so much to choose from – balconette bras, underwire bras, soft cup bras, contour plunge bras, and more. When it comes to briefs, always select something that’s comfortable, while for bikinis and bras, you need to ensure that the product offers support for your bosoms. Also, make sure to try bikini sets that are quite fun to be worn to the beach. The idea of wearing curvy lingerie is to determine your comfort and fit, and there are enough options on this page that you can check.

Now that you have the best styles in check, go ahead and experiment with curvy lingerie. Find products that can be teamed with different outfits, and don’t shy away from prints and designs that may not seem to be conforming to what most women wear. Your intimate apparel should be fun, chic, and super comfortable!