Most adults often have fancy memories attached to a doll in their childhood. Your kid deserves to have one doll that stands out and remains a part of his life. Welcome to THE ICONIC! we are more than happy to launch a collection of dolls selected by our experts. If you don’t believe in gender stereotypes, these dolls are not just great for the girls, but also for boys. The Iconic brings some of the most loved brands in this category, including Alimrose¸ Nana Huchy, and Melissa & Doug, to name a few, and we are constantly updating our collection!

When it comes to dolls, many girls and boys prefer themes. With clear images and varied choices, you are absolutely sure that your child will find something worth her collection. We believe dolls often help in creating fancy stories, and you can buy one every month. In fact, there are adults who buy dolls, often out of fascination or to add to their décor and interiors. The idea of dolls also comes from stories, which have been narrated to kids over the years. If you want to find more on our dolls, or have a question, feel free to write to us. We are also open to returns, where applicable. You can also find brands that are otherwise not accessible online. From the barbies to beyond the animals, we have a collection that will make you fall in love.