Men's Grooming

Round out every corner of your grooming roster with THE ICONIC’s ever-growing offering of men’s grooming products. With an impressive selection of skin, body, beard and hair products sourced from leading local and international brands, THE ICONIC is an all-encompassing online destination for the modern well-groomed man.

Maintaining your favoured facial hair look is easy with THE ICONIC’s selection of beard grooming products. With oils and balms to nourish and hydrate alongside shampoos and beard cleansers to keep hair fresh, our range of beard formulas from beloved brands like BURLY and The Groomed Man Co are a staple on every bearded man’s bathroom shelf. Master the art of the perfect shave with a host of during- and after-shave care products, which can help soothe and protect your skin while accommodating a close shave.

Target specific grooming concerns with our collection of men’s treatments. A range of face serums and masks can help to improve skin’s tone and texture, while quenching dry, dehydrated skin for a brighter and more energised complexion. Don’t drop the ball on your regimen while on the road, with THE ICONIC’s impressive collection of toiletry bags, grooming travel essentials and dopp kits.

Experience top-to-toe freshness with a rolodex of body washes, scrubs and haircare. A range of shampoo and conditioner duos designed to be used in tandem helps to leave hair healthier in look and feel, while a range of shower and bath products is set to enhance your daily ritual.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing routine or commence a new one entirely, THE ICONIC’s ever-expanding range of grooming products for men has all your bases covered.