Men's Beauty Accessories

Explore a diverse range of men’s beauty products online at THE ICONIC. With everything from face creams to fragrances, pomades to shaving brushes, our products are stylish and effective, with something for everyone.

Scrub up with our selection of face care products, from moisturisers to foaming cleanses and clay masks. Creamy moisturises will actively replenish the skin, preventing cracked and dry patches, while clay masks will deeply cleanse and revitalise.

Facial hair requires regular maintenance, so stay groomed and sharp with our selection of shaving products. From top quality razors to effective aftershave balms, beard and moustache waxes, we’ve got everything you need to keep your look polished. Shaving soaps work with brushes to produce a rich, creamy lather, while our premium razors provide a close and comfortable shave every time.

Every man should have a signature scent – a trademark that can stay with him through the years. Pick your perfect fragrance from our edit, choosing from woody, musky, fruity and floral smells. Perfectly packaged in premium bottles, your scent will double as a decorative ornament on a mantelpiece or bathroom basin.

Sourced from some of the most sought-after beauty brands, THE ICONIC has just what you need to refresh your beauty cabinet. Browse through our selection of hair moulds, moisturisers, hand soaps, razors and revitalising body gels, for effective products that will provide bang for your buck.