Once upon a time in Mexico, a young traveller named Jo Tory was soaking up everything that vibrant country had to offer, and discovered there was something inescapable about the spirit of Mexico. Its rich culture exhaled a captivating energy, so beautifully expressed in the fiestas, murals and glorious textiles. That was in 1986, when Jo discovered the stunning way that Mexico plays out in its silver jewellery. Gifted with some of the finest silver reserves in the world, Mexico's rich culture was reflected in the superb jewellery pieces that wove their way into Jo’s consciousness and altered her path forever.

The NAJO journey began with those first powerful stirrings in Mexico, and today every design, every piece of jewellery has been informed by the brand’s essence of "Self Expression by Design".

NAJO are engaged in bringing a sense of joy to those who use their jewellery to express themselves. Travelling through many countries, NAJO gathers inspiration and combines artisan silversmithing with a contemporary reflection, releasing two new unique collections every year. While every collection says something about who they are, it is how you interpret each piece in your life that truly inspires them.

Browse an extensive range of NAJO jewellery online at THE ICONIC, where you’ll find stud earrings and hoops alongside delicate necklaces, pendants, chunky cuffs and bracelets. Celebrate your individuality through NAJO’s beautiful collection, and enjoy free and fast shipping across Australia and New Zealand.