Rich in style, history and quality, PIG&HEN is a brand you simply can’t look past. Delivering men’s accessories with a story, the collection of sleek and durable jewellery is handcrafted in Amsterdam using authentic ship rope and shackle.

The brand was brought to fruition in 2013 by best friends and business partners Dominic Bakker and Rutger Versluis. The pair were inspired by the Netherland’s unique naval history throughout the 1600s. Known for having the biggest navy fleet in the world, Dutch sailors became renowned as brave explorers. Named after the naval tradition to tattoo a pig and a hen to each of your feet, the salty bearded sailors believed the caged animals’ ability to float on the seas would protect them from bad luck and deliver them to land in the case of a shipwreck.

Crafted from the same ship rope that strung together Dutch exploration, PIG&HEN men’s fashion accessories are designed to survive anything you might throw at them and are even known to outlive their owners. Whether you’re an avid mountain climber, a salty surfer or an all-aesthetic city slicker, PIG&HEN bracelets will never give up.

Varying from slim bracelets to chunky width cuffs, each men’s accessory is rich in charm and personality, all rendered in a neutral time-honoured palette. Whether you resonate with Fat Fred or Gorgeous George PIG&HEN have a sophisticated, handcrafted adornment for you. Braided from rolls of ship rope, and fastened with hardened steel, the brand’s attention to detail has evolved into high-quality bracelets and cuffs with the durability of a Dutch ship itself.

Whether you’re accessorising yourself, or looking for the perfect gift, shop THE ICONIC for our handpicked selection of PIG&HEN accessories. These charming designs will make a friend for life.