Sports Tech Accessories

If you are a fitness enthusiast, a few sports tech accessories should be on your list of essentials. No matter whether you like gym fitness, running, or prefer to play a sport, these accessories can take your performance to the next level, because you can focus on all the necessary vitals and data.

Welcome to THE ICONIC! we are proud to prevent a list of sports tech accessories, featuring products such as fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, headphones, speakers and more.

What to shop in men’s sports tech accessories? This largely depends on the activities you prefer. In general, a standard smartwatch, or a fitness tracker is enough to find details like steps taken, calories burnt, and heart rate. You can also consider sports headphones and earbuds for better comfort during a run, or while you are at the gym. You can find some of the biggest brands on this page, including JBL, Fossil, Garmin, Fitbit, UE, and Friendie. We stock some of the essentials like weighing scales, headphones, and Bluetooth speakers.

THE ICONIC has been at the forefront of offering quality products, and we intend to do the same in this category too. Please come back for more sports tech accessories, and note that brand warranty, if provided, are applicable for online purchases too.