Deeply embedded in its technological tradition and Italian provenance, luxury eyewear label Persol was originally founded in 1917 to meet the needs of pilots and sports drivers. In his small courtyard in Turin, Italy, founder Giuseppe Ratti began to make innovative and technologically advanced sunglasses using round smoked lenses and rubber edges to create pieces that would offer maximum comfort, protection, and visual clarity. Today, the label has become internationally renowned and adored for its ability to marry its functional beginnings with elevated and timeless style.

Driven by Ratti’s intuition and ingenuity, the modern Persol label was developed from his earlier sunglass models that were used by the Armed Forces and the Italian Military Aviation. Boasting an illustrious history, the brand has garnered consistent praise and acknowledgment from all sectors of society—from film and TV personalities to extreme sportsmen who picked Persol as their top choice for gruelling expeditions. Persol, meaning “per in sole” (or “for the sun”), has always had an unwavering commitment to providing superior protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Indeed, Persols have been worn everywhere from movie sets to the summit of Himalayan mountains, with each pair carefully designed and developed to meet the wearer’s specific demands.

Each pair of Persol sunglasses are fitted with revolutionary and patented technology that ensures that it will be the most functional and stylish eyewear in your collection. Meflecto, which is the world’s first flexible stem, eliminates the pressure of the arms on the head and allows the glasses to adapt to the shape of any face. And every product is finished with the signature Silver Arrow on the temple hinge—inspired by the swords of ancient warriors, the patented branding is both functional and decorative.

Persol pieces are still manufactured in the original factory in Lauriano, where every pair receives the careful hand-crafted treatment and attention that has existed since the beginning. Premium natural acetate and high-grade optical glass are used in the production of the label’s sunglasses to ensure a final product that’s optimised in its design, comfort, and function.

Born out of a rich history steeped in meticulous research, Persol combines the best of design and technology. Inspired by archival silhouettes, Persol sunglasses exude a clean-cut sophistication and function-led design that is sure to have a prized place in your collection. THE ICONIC offers a wide selection of Persol sunglasses—browse through THE ICONIC’s range of classic ‘649’ silhouettes to the new-born ‘9469’, among other editorial collections and seasonal styles.