Nialaya Jewellery

With a cultivated aesthetic and focus on spirituality that finds its roots in founder Jannik Olander’s many trips to the Far East, Nialaya Jewellery is a boho-luxe designer jewellery brand based in sunny Los Angeles. Boasting an eclectic collection of beaded bracelets, rings, and necklaces that are studded with precious and semi-precious stones, the bi-annual collections released by the brand are inspired by Olander’s travels around the world.

Named as a tribute to the Indian shaman that profoundly changed Olander’s life, Nialaya Jewellery has a passion for spiritual healing and natural energy. Each stone in their collection has been chosen due to its healing powers that can amplify and cleanse the wearer’s own energy, promoting a deep renewal, clarity and inner peace. Each piece of jewellery is cleansed with purifying sage upon completion to enhance the natural power of the stone, and to ensure the removal of any negative or interfering spiritual energy.

The label came from humble beginnings in 2009, with Olander hand-threading each macramé necklace and bracelet in the garage of his Hollywood Hills home. Since then, the brand has found international acclaim and adoration, growing to become one of the largest celebrity endorsed jewellery brands. Both men and women looking to find spiritual enlightenment can find their keepsake Nialaya piece at THE ICONIC. From gold-plated rings, silver necklaces, and a diverse array of beaded bracelets, THE ICONIC offers a beautiful range of men’s and women’s jewellery that reflect both intricate craftsmanship and an awareness of natural energy and healing.