Sports Dresses

Sportswear has inspired mainstream fashion every other season. Runway trends have been all about sportswear-based looks, from the use of spandex and strategic use of logo and more. If you are in awe of sportswear but want to wear something that doesn’t exactly look like gym clothing, a sports dress is all you need. Sports dresses are in vogue, and designers have been toying with the idea in many ways. These are not your feminine outfits but have the funky element of sports. Sporty dresses are usually not extremely tight fit and are designed to keep sweat away so that you can wear one all day long, like a boss.

We bring sporty outfits from some of the best-known brands in the world. From Champion, Adidas, Reebok, and DKNY, to Villin, Tully Lou, Roxy, and Puma, we stock all kinds of dresses, ideal for a morning tennis session and a casual date. THE ICONIC is also known for its easy returns & exchange policy, and we have all sizes. Please refer to our size chart to know more about our sizes for sporty dresses, which may differ for each brand.

What are you waiting for? Check our collection today, select outfits that you like, and place an order to show your style! We try for fast shipping for all sports dresses, and new products are added every month! Shopping for your closet doesn’t get easier than this!